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        2. Tiny Blue Devil Continues To Grow

          Building a tiny hoe is one of those odd projects that seems to move slowly yet moves incredibly quick. While the visual results may not seem great, the amount of work is often mind-numbing. Since the start of January and the initial deck installation, the tiny hoe...

          Tiny Blue Devil Officially Gets Underway

          Many of you may remember me talking about my mentor role with South Lenoir High School in an effort to build a tiny hoe on wheels with their construction trades program. Called the Tiny Blue Devil we are building a 20' Elm (plans courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny Hoe...

          Tiny Hoes and Small Homes Can Free You From A Mortgage

          When we were thinking of transitioning to Tiny r(E)volution v.3.0 we were perhaps most concerned about having to enter back into the mortgage pool. We knew we didn't have as much as we would like for a down payment. We knew our monthly budget was one we were happy...

          Santa Cla Ha: frankenframing

          In 1811 an 18-year-old author had a waking vision. The year was one of considerable rain and the girl once remarked that the sun had been extinguished. She - Mary Shelley - picked up her pen, closed her drapes, and returned to darkness and clay in her epigraph, which...

          Lenoir County Public Schools Joins The Tiny Hoe Movement

          I have been fortunate enough to team up with our county school system to work with high school students in the CTE (career and technical education) program, to build a 20’ long tiny hoe on wheels being called?the Tiny Blue Devil. The build will be updated on...

          Santa Cla Ha: red means red

          It has been our experience that putting up LP SmartSide pre-primed panels is vastly easier when at least the first coat of color has been painted on. Not only does it ease your workload once the panels are up but it also makes the build seem that much more efficient...

          Santa Cla Ha: LP SmartSide

          It seems that while we may have missed Christmas in July and Santa is not expected to return until Dec. 25, we can still believe in the magic of delivered gifts throughout the year. In fact, jt this week our build site was left with a beautiful, stretch film...

          Santa Cla Ha: tags and title

          One of the most frtrating things about ing a salvage trailer is making sure it is road legal. We had to do it on our first tiny hoe build in 2010 when we lived in Georgia and now we have had to do it in North Carolina. The process in each state was vastly...

          Santa Cla Ha: subfloor

          I was thinking about my posts regarding the Santa Cla Ha and how in depth I wanted to be with them. When this blog first started we were one of only a handful of builders, documenting the day in and day out of a tiny hoe build. We talked about everything from...

          Santa Cla Ha: trailer salvage

          The trailer the Santa Cla Ha is being built on is a salvage one. We liberated our original tiny hoe on wheels from a 1967 Shasta travel trailer. It was a bit of a mess but we proceeded and while saving thoands of dollars, invested dozens of hours. When we...

          Santa Cla Is Coming To Town

          I am a huge fan of the Christmas season and by Christmas season I mean that very special time during the first 60 or years of the 20th Century in which Christmas was magical, Santa was beloved, and gifts were given more than received. By mid-October I am full of the...

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